We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog for SANDY

Johnny Cash died on Sept 12, 2003, shortly before my original diagnosis. The press generated by his passing underscored that I was not his only fan. What really stuck with me was his daughter’s interview about a year later where she said ‘yes, the world lost a legend, but he was also my dad.’ This stayed with me all these years, and it is how the storm Sandy feels to me. I grew up here. I was never much of a beach girl. In fact, I preferred to be in the Adirondack Mountains. But this was my beach.

I intentionally focused my blog on 3 topics (and really, how much can you say about family without pissing off someone, somewhere). I used high school advice (write what you know), college advice (a writer writes), and of course, the brain thing. Maybe there is a little room for Sandy there, after the Red Cross and FEMA leave.

Lots of the parts that were MY jersey shore are gone. I just wanted to let you know that we are good. Kindness of friends and strangers continue to delight us. We realize life’s blessings. Hubby is out wrestling with a chainsaw to remove downed trees. People are smiling at each other in the barely stocked grocery store. Soon, the eye contact with strangers will vanish, and it will start to feel like home.