Over-using the word “penis” and other holiday thoughts!

Today’s WordPress challenge to post daily for one week is truly a challenge for me. In fact, I doubt I can/will do it. I like to spend days editing-out my brain-surgery-induced dyslexia. I spend sleepless nights over using the word “penis.” I like to ruminate over verb/noun agreement. I ask myself, should I fix my cataracts or just use a bigger font?

I am a little sad that after a few months, I still don’t fully grasp links, and how to efficiently insert them. Reading directions makes things worse. If someone geeky wanted to come and hold my hand through the process that would be great. I used to be that geeky girl, holding the hands of others. I miss being the go-to grammar girl. I miss Prodigy, IRC and WordStar.

I have crap to wrap. Merry Christmas! family, friends and readers.  Thank you for your kind comments!  Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.

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