Facebook: A Dozen Questions/Answers (A Quick Read)

brain 2 of 3 bannerHappy 10th Anniversary Facebook!  Thanks for being the crack-heroin of communication!

an interview with myself over the good, bad and indifferent  qualities of Facebook

Q.  Why did you decide to do this specific WordPress challenge?

A.  I did this WordPress challenge because when I went to bed Sunday night, after neglecting my blog for over a week, I said to myself, “Self, no matter what the WordPress challenge is tomorrow, you are going to participate in it.”

Q.  Given your self-admitted love/hate Facebook relationship, how did you feel when you saw the challenge?

A.  Something between “never bite the hand that feeds you” and “you can’t always get what you want.” There was a little sprinkle of “Oh. Crap.”

Q.  Why, in t he title of this piece, do you call Facebook  the heroin of communication?

A.  Because both are is cheap, addictive, and readily available.

Q.  Do you feel Facebook is dangerous?

A.  Probably no more dangerous than recreational marijuana use, or marrying your same-sex lover. It’s certainly not as dangerous as texting while driving.

Q.  What about job-seekers being asked to give their Facebook info to prospective employers?

A.  Let me address that.  15 years ago I had to pee into a jar and watch a technician measure the jar’s contents, slap a thermometer on it and package it for transport to a lab. All of this for a job where I would use my own car and talk on the phone all day. It felt creepy intrusive, and even though I was clean, it was paranoia inducing. I imagine 10 years from now we will need DNA fingerprinting and colonoscopy to get jobs, but our Facebook logins are protected by NASA.

Q.  Are you saying we will give up space exploration so we can chat?

A.  Yes. I am saying exactly that.

Q.  What did you think of the film “The Social Network?”

A.  Didn’t see it. I was horrified by the trailer.

Q.  Why?

A.  Because I know people who have watched it, and given up their Facebook accounts. I don’t want to become one of them.

Q.  I heard that when you watched Zukerberg on 60 minutes you thought it was clever how he didn’t come out and say he didn’t give a crap about FB users personal data, but that it was apparent to you (that he didn’t)?

Q.  Watch the show.  His youth/youthful appearance can be mistaken for earnestness.  But it is easy to read between the lines, and foremost he is a businessperson.

Q.  What are Facebook’s good qualities?

A.  Some examples:

  1. Just this month, I visited with a dear friend from high school who has moved around the world a few times.  We had a wonderful real live visit that we would have never had, had we not reconnected on Facebook.
  2. My Teenaged friend ‘friended’ me, and I feel that this will help me stay connected with her during adolescence.  Without Facebook, we would likely drift apart.
  3. There are endless cat photos.

Q.  To conclude this interview, you started out by saying you had a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Where is the love?

A.  Love is where my ‘friends’ are.


3 thoughts on “Facebook: A Dozen Questions/Answers (A Quick Read)

  1. You’re very brave to tackle that WP challenge. I saw it and freaked out. I don’t think I could write it w/out many, many, many bad words. Nevertheless, I agree with everything you’ve said except that there aren’t enough pictures of dogs.


  2. Very funny. I am an anti-facebook/twitter/whatever comes next with the same passion as when I was a “death to Disco” soldier in the 70’s. But I did try it(that is how I know it will accelerate the inevitable demise of the human race) That being said Jaye; you are witty enough to make me think I may have missed something.


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