New Poetry Series 2013

English: Barnes & Noble's flagship store at 10...

English: Barnes & Noble’s flagship store at 105 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.   Observations:  Barnes and Noble, Union Square

New York City

7:24 p.m.
Audience, restless.
Free admission garnering the usual suspects:

Folks without $7 for the open-mic down the street

Seniors, one hand on their sacred city map, the other vice-gripped to a hand-carved totem

The post-AA meeting crowd, crowded around the coffeepot

The stoners

Lovers of free poetry with the munchies, a winning combo for the bookstore.

Hummus crusty ridge ‘round the edge as the evening wears on
In walks a guy in father’s hand-made dress chapeau,
The Latin Mass woven into the fabric of the hatband.
(What this means won’t be clear if you’re too young: rejoice in this!).
Finally the guy with the hat gets up, pages in hand.
Your ass is already smarting from the posture-defeating folding seats
You wonder if there is a bar nearby. But you stay:
Readings like this are on the endangered species list. You and a few historians with no interest in poetry (or snacks)   come to see archaeology in the making
In the end, you see a woman, closer to 60 than 40, sign a fan’s book
You note her fake name and real mustache

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