One year ago today…

Anniversary bubbly!

Anniversary bubbly! (Photo credit: akrabat)

I write this to the sound of my brother-in-law at the skill-saw and the smell of my sister’s cupcakes baking as the town of Wilmington, NY (population: 1215) prepares for the town-wide picnic. I am here so they can spoil me rotten and they are very good at it. I reflected on my first year of blogging before I left home but I just wanted to pop in on my blogiversary.

I didn’t know it would be so fun.

I didn’t know it would be so hard.

I didn’t know I would find so many friends.

I didn’t know how driven I would be to keep at it.

You see, I never finish anything.  A dear friend gave me permission, a year ago, to just start stuff, by telling me: ” You get everyone excited and started on stuff around you. That is your mission in life.”

This may be true, but it is no good for things like knitting.  Nobody wants one mitten. I’m thinking perhaps this year I will finish some of my projects. A worthy goal would be not to start any new ones, but I’m a starter: What’s a gal to do?

A big thank you to all my blogging friends who have helped me and encouraged me to keep going. I don’t comment often enough, but if I subscribe to your blog, I am reading.

A shout-to those struggling with various stages and forms of cancer, and especially to Pam, who is saying goodbye to her family as she has chosen to end treatment. Your faith and fight leave me breathless at times.  I am honored to know you.

Love and prayers to Kirsten and her family this weekend, as they say goodbye to their favorite Gator fan. I am holding you all in my heart.

Life is full of crappy stuff.

Pick out the blessings and enjoy the hell out of ’em.

And for crying out loud, take a vacation.


4 thoughts on “One year ago today…

  1. Happy birthday to your blog … thanks for sharing with us this past year! (And, why am I just finding out about the blog champagne now? I got nothing on my blog’s birthday last month. Well, maybe my Diet Mountain Dew was chilled just so, and I guess, now that I think about it, it was bubbly delicious.) Always love your words and am so happy to see your posts turn up in my in-box. You’re a good and inspiring influence on me. Here’s to another year!


  2. Thank you for spending your anniversary with us! Love your blog, love your talent, love your inspiration…most of all, love you!


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