Where have I been? (FAQ)

Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing. 

Robert Paul Smith

Where have I been?!

I started a week ago to debrief my Adirondack escape. It went something like this:

Wow this computer is locked. I wonder what my passwords used to be?

How long was I away, anyhow?

Did I take a sabbatical or a hiatus?

I better look that up!

(Note to self: Remember to look up Attention Deficit Disorder Caused By Overdose Of Fresh Air-Any Merit To This Theory?).

Wow, not much difference. Sabbatical sounds so scholarly. But if you look up hiatus in the urban dictionary you get some icky things (go head and look. I’ll wait).

(You didn’t think I was going to post the link to something icky, did you?)

“An interruption in space, time or continuity..”

Ahh. Hiatus it is then.

(While I was at urbandictionary.com I looked up adoption, as I am always researching for you, loyal reader, touched by adoption on any and all levels).  I found this: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=adopted  You’re welcome.

So what did you do? You DID! Was it fun?

It was fun!  I watched the woodshed go up!

I shot a gun!

I attended a town-wide picnic!

Ate at the Wilderness .

I got spoiled rotten.

ADK Woodshed

Future Home of the Adirondack Hermit II

Visited Young’s Gallery a few times.

Saw my cuz from Texas. I think she got the “who traveled the farthest” award!

Saw Angie bouncing on the trampoline. How does she always look the same?


Where was Hubby during all of this?

He was visiting family too!  Would he have gone to the Three Stooges Film Festival with me there? I think not!

How about Snorio?

Snorio made out good, also spoiled rotten. This is one big advantages cats have over dogs. Throw them some food and a clean litter pan. Scratch behind the ear. Vamoose. Repeat as often as necessary.

Next week: Part II.


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