About the passing of a true gentleman.


Lord Piers Anthony Weymouth Wedgwood has passed away.

When I write about the 25 jobs,  there are several reasons I haven’t mentioned the time I spent doing a little marketing and managing Lord Wedgwood’s schedule.  There are a few reasons, but mostly I ‘m  waiting for the paperback edition.

Even though he was only a few years my senior, I was star-struck by him. His wit, his charm and his kindness  were awe-inspiring. I never saw him show anger, although I saw him in stress-inducing situations. Once he nearly flew to the wrong country because of me,  and all he could do was whisper in my ear “we almost both  got snookered that time.”

When I worked for Wedgwood and was making the move to the Waterford side of things (more money, more perceived opportunity), he didn’t want to hold me back.  When I was leaving, I had glassy eyes saying goodbye.  He cheered me by pulling out an 8×10 and drawing on it with his characteristic gold sharpie. (Part of my job had been to make sure he had 5 things: plenty of sharpies and photos, gifts for whoever was on his visitation list that month, his airline schedule and his airline neck pillow). Recipients of the gifts always thought he picked them out just for them, and the thing was, he did!

As a member of the Wedgwood Society of Washington D.C., Inc ,  I am always  happy to get the monthly newsletter.  Today’s issue had Piers (he wanted me to call him that but I never could) on the cover and I knew immediately that he was gone.

Maybe one day that will be one of the 25 jobs I’ll tell you about.  For today, I’ll just say goodbye, old friend. Rest peacefully.


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  1. Oh Jaye, I understand that sense of bittersweet loss of someone you admire. I’m sorry for that for you, but you did a beautiful job of writing who he was, and who he was to you. I think Dawn is right too; you’ve got a pretty good story to fill out there.
    Take care,


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