Addendum to the “Baby in the NICU” post, and what it has to do with Michael Vick

If you’ve spent the last few years under a rock, you might need a synopsis to bring you up to speed on the legal aspects of the Michael Vick case.

Due to his arrival to the NY/NJ metropolitan area to play for the JETS football franchise, he is again big local news. Some of the photos that are circulating Facebook remind me of a few responses to my last post.

I pondered the baby-in-the NICU photo days. I asked my trusted advisers, a couple of folks not afraid to say “no” to me . They both said pretty much the same thing: “The photo is too upsetting to post, and it will not enhance your story. Besides, you can go to many sites and get a picture of a baby under the photo-therapy lights.” This is true, it  just wouldn’t be my baby.

Then, as a reward for finishing my post and answering fan mail, I allowed myself a little Facebook time. Yes, it is true, I have been on a little FB diet and have started to use it to behavior modify myself. Don’t snigger, especially if you do the same with Candy Crush!

On FB what do I see? An extremely graphic photo of a dog, tortured to death. It was linked to outrage about the Vick case.

This brought my mind around to my image of my NICU baby. She wasn’t hard to love. When they asked us if we wanted to hold her, we did, and just had to be careful with all the wires and IV.images

What if posting my story (image included) would help another mother who might have to have a scary NICU experience?

In the end, I felt my advisory board was right and my post feels complete without the photo . I  had an attitude: Facebook, I’ll make you a deal. I won’t show you my NICU baby, you don’t show me anymore photos of meetings Michael Vick has had with dogs.


Then I read this game changing post by on the site “Raining Cats and Dogs.”  “Why We Shouldn’t Let it Go.”  I used my woman’s prerogative and changed my mind. We could make change if we fail to support Jets football.

Facebook, let’s make a deal. You don’t show me anymore Jets football and I won’t show you my NICU baby. Both are too hard to watch, knowing what we now know.


6 thoughts on “Addendum to the “Baby in the NICU” post, and what it has to do with Michael Vick

  1. I think the way you worked it out with Facebook makes a lot of sense. I can’t believe they want that torturer. Are you going to write more about your baby?


    • Oh Dawn don’t I understand. I like to read blogs in bed on my ipad, which is not conducive to commenting, and then when I am at the main computer I’m usually writing and thinking about blogs I have read (but failed to comment on). If I would get more savvy with my Ipad, that would surely help! Thanks for commenting, t here will be more to that story but you know how I like to have a bunch of strands of story (Ii can’t help it) running at the same time.


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