Repost/Revisit: Moon-walk Memory

READ ME FIRST:  Reblogged from earlier times:

Thought I would drop by and revisit the moon walk, an early post here. I am resisting any corrections/revisions, because is I start down THAT slippery slope we’ll never get anywhere.

I love everything space, everything Apollo. The books (especially The Right Stuff), the sci-fi, the folks that believe it never happened-love it all.

Read what Buzz Aldrin writes (along with others) here:

(Photo: Amazon)

The Astronaut Wives Club

If you want to read what the wives had to say,  be forewarned that The Astronauts Wives Club will possibly tarnish your heroic memories of these men.

Once you read it, you cannot unread it.




One thought on “Repost/Revisit: Moon-walk Memory

  1. They landed on the moon on my 14th birthday. I wrote about it last year (on the blog). But even before that, the space race was a thrilling part of school every year. Because of a strange friend and her weird reading habits, I unfortunately thought rape had something to do with a snake for many years.


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