A few words on suicide, and other taboo things.

555957_124589441016089_22963464_nNational Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-TALK)








“I have a lump in my breast.”

With these words, Edith Bunker informed a generation, despite the stigma, that these things need to be talked about.

It’s hard to imagine in these “pink” days a time when it was not OK to discuss breast cancer, to encourage each other to get checked, to wear pink ribbons in honor and in memory of our loved ones. People my age remember where they were when they heard Edith Bunker say those words-her lump became our lump. We were all in this thing together.

I started thinking about 70’s comedy while reflecting on the passing of Robin Williams, and the comedy he brought to our lives. I couldn’t help but remember Mrs. Doubtfire, since boobies were on my mind. Boobies on fire, and other trying aspects of womanhood, brought to you by one of the world’s hairiest men. My my personal favorite of his was the use of the water bottles in his HBO special. Lets just say you wouldn’t want to be sitting in the front row.

While the world is still raw with the news of his passing, some “blaming the victim” articles are beginning to emerge.  The chats are lighting up with a common theme: selfishness.

You will not find “the selfishness of suicide” comments here.

Like the breast cancer of Archie Bunker’s day, suicide needs to be OK’d for discussion. Likely get a boost in the news for a month or two following Williams death, we can begin to help by keeping the conversation going. Eventually, it will likely go back in its neat little closet, because it produces a type of grief that leaves us helpless as we become victims of the sadness, too.

If you had a lump in your breast, you’d get it checked out. If you have a lump in your psyche, please get it checked out. Tell somebody. The national suicide hotline has resources to get you to immediate help. You can also use this number to make a donation to help others, and you can do it in Robin Williams’ name.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-TALK)


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    • Thanks for your comment! I was really reminiscing about TV after the news and I wrote about 1,000 words, edited it down to this post. Some of those other words are likely to come out later. Still sad but feeling better.

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  1. NOT TO MENTION (sorry for shouting), we (even doctors) cannot know for sure all that goes into our mental health. How much does Parkinson’s affect the emotions, the mind, in that way? If he was on medication, did it have bad side effects? People ought to just shut up and look after their own business. OK, done. Thank you for letting me vent, Jaye.


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