jayesbrain turns two!

Jayesbrain turns this many!

Jayesbrain turns this many!

If you count Prodigy, Internet Relay Chat, the now defunct Diaryland (Have you backed up your writing lately?), poetry contests, a brief stint of resume writing (and yeah, I’m still irked about one guy that didn’t pay me-thanks for asking) (but it was fun getting a case of Dos XX that time): I’ve been at this a while.

Two posts stand out as most misunderstood, by writing that was unclear and reaching too far. I would like to amend them but I am too lazy to go back, must march forward. I will say this about them:

When I wrote about seeing Johnny Cash, I wrote a very literal account of (me, it’s all about  me) descending the stairs at Madison Square Garden, age 10, thinking I was going to the dreaded circus.. I wrote about this so literally it wasn’t understood, the feedback was kind of “what the hell?”

It wasn’t supposed to be metaphorical. I was telling the story (in my mind, only in MY mind, mind you) . The next second I heard “Hello. I’m Johnny Cash.” He seemed small on the distant stage, but I could tell it was him, by the “gravel in his gut and the spit in his eye…” I wanted to take the reader along with me on an exciting moment from childhood and instead my post looked like a poorly edited string of typos and dangling participles. I failed miserably, but on the upside I have always wanted to use dangling participles in a sentence.

Another widely misunderstood post was the one that was supposed to be metaphorical, here is where it wouldn’t have hurt to be MORE literal. Go figure. This post, like each post, taught me a lesson. Lessons help with the  momentum.

Last week I was so overcome with media grief, I wrote about Edith Bunker and Robin Williams-and my inbox filled with private messages that said “sorry we can’t read any more of this now.” I got the idea to create a page where folks could expand on ideas or see what I am  up to writing-wise without having to log-into a separate app. Of course as soon as i made this so, I started getting feedback about privacy issues with Facebook. We’ll see how this little experiment goes. The FB page is simply called Jayesbrain. Say hi if you visit.

People dumping ice on themselves (and God bless them for raising hope and funds for ALS) failed to cheer me until my Brit friend sent me this:(turn it up).

So on I trod, hoping to bring a smile to your face and/or make you think, and at times, hoping to do those two simultaneously. Heartfelt t.hanks for riding along.


5 thoughts on “jayesbrain turns two!

  1. Happy Bloggie Birthday! (It’s a wonderful day to celebrate your blog growing up, but, sadly, no one gives you a cake.) Always good to see you posting and writing and making me laugh and think, often at the same time.

    (Oh, and don’t get any ideas about the Yankees stealing one this year. Can you just let me have this one year?)

    Happy Two Years … here’s to many more nouns and verbs!


    • I wish I could share your enthusiasm! With my loyalties divided between teams I sometimes just want to turn it off and crochet. That’s my newest idea for evening entertainment, but I’m not yet sure if I can do it while the TV is on. Thanks for commenting. Looks like my rain delay is over!


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