Mommastery Blog Highlighted on the Today Show!

Intense, and intensely funny!

Intense, and intensely funny!

I got up extra-early (don’t judge me) to see Glennon from  Momastery on morning television. Problem was, I didn’t know what it was on, so I clicked back and forth between the 3 major networks. I saw a lot of crap!

I did see something I can’t unsee…the demolition of the Roseland Ballroom. Yes, that location where I saw Paul McCartney, in all his unpleasantness, because it was obvious, Sir Paul McCarthy did NOT want to be there. It was a birthday celebration for Buddy Holly, and I had a VIP seat  in the sound booth. My outfit was a mix between Goth and adorable, black and complete with a twirly tulle skirt. It was just an all-around wonderful experience, and I learned even a Beatle can have a temper.

RIP Roseland.

Of course I didn’t have to freak out about missing Glennon, because here is the post that inspired the whole thing.

Also in today’s news, my friend Vinnie Brand’s comedy club, The Stress Factory, was on Restaurant Stakeout.  Dine Here?  I don’t think any of these shows are real, but I know Vinnie will give us the lowdown on what really went down, for the cost of a cover charge and a two drink minimum.♥


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