First Day of School, 1966

I have to thank lots of folks who created and brought this meme to my attention, first seen on Huffington Post and added by Momastery. It brought on this flashback, just in time for back to school festivities! (Repost)

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First day of second grade-after moving into a new house-represented a ton of change for this little kid. The house was a mansion, complete with ‘a room of one’s own’ just for me. My own room with a pink frilly bedspread, safely tucked beside my parent’s room while my sisters each had their own rooms upstairs,  complete with a giant scary shower. Having a sister who played trombone made it especially appealing being on separate floors. The carpeting in this house was a rich deep yet royal blue and I thought mom was a genius decorator, all but for the western yoke lighting fixtures but why bring that up here?

A great deal of first grade was spent with a post-surgery patch over my eye and sunglasses, I’m not gonna lie, I thought I was a movie star. Never one with a sense of direction, I didn’t realize we only moved one town over. I’m pretty sure they drove me around awhile, the way you do a cat, so I wouldn’t wander back to the old house. I was sad to see the built-in swimming pool did not come with us. Unthinkable now, I was permitted to walk to school. That made up for the lack of chlorinated water.

Backpacks were not yet a thing, and I had a red and black plaid book-bag (look it up or better yet, go ask your mom). I really am at a loss to express the love of this book-bag to you. I guess it symbolized all things new, a fresh start at a new school. I had made so many mistakes in first grade: kissing a boy handing out the straws being the chief offense. I was delighted to go to a new school where that incident would be far (over at the next town) behind me.


The house was full of the smell of pop-tarts. My dress was from a local store, another item adding to my princess fantasies. It was red with a few black trimmings, and it sort of matched my book bag. Even at this age, I loved monochromatic fashion, and also things that invite bullying, fashion-wise. I thought I was unique. I couldn’t be bothered to fit in, and remember, I was about to debut my new eyes!

I kissed my mom and took off. A lady was planting what I now know are mums. I really have no memory of the outcome, but on this day I walked in the direction of the wrong school. Did someone come get me? Did I make it to school that day, any school? Was I ever allowed to be a “walker” ever again?


8 thoughts on “First Day of School, 1966

  1. I love this walk down memory lane! I can’t remember how my books were carried. I don’t remember having a bag! I think we kept our books at school for the most part and were allowed to bring one or two home when needed for homework. I don’t remember doing a lot of homework either.


    • thanks and congrats again for you great news.
      i distinctly remember thinking it would be cool to get homework, like my sisters who were 6 and 8 years older.
      when i finally got it it was in algebra first, lets you know how old i must have been. i didn’t “get it”, and had to do it twice. then in college i had to take statistics for my brief stint as a psych major, and i had to take that twice. second time was a breeze, it seems i have to see the outcome and then start over in lots of things. i would name them, but maybe i better not!


  2. FYI: Mom saw you to the door, then sat at the table for a cigarette and coffee. If you want my version, I can give it to you. Will chat during week. Off to Festival of Colors today to sell Wilmington Books!



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