Regarding same-sex partners in their pretty Easter shoes.

Two older posts from the “Freshly Pressed” section of WordPress caught my eye last week while I was doing some disability research (law) and ruminating about shoes; specifically cotton floral wedgie shoes.

My intent was to share these posts with you and make sure the proper authors got credit for them, so I hit reblog. Obsessed as Carrie Bradshaw with a new pair of Manolo Blahniks, I have a bit more say. Please be sure to visit the blogs/posts Just Stimming… and  The Church Is Responsible For This to read the original posts in their entirety, and leave a comment if you can.

The first one was about shoes. This post resonated with me as I really miss shoes. We share an affinity, Julia (the author) and me for “baby doll” or “Mary Jane” shoes; what you call them depends on your age. Neither of us can wear what we want on our feet, and we both know there are more important things to concern ourselves with, but it just helps to say it loud now and then. We miss shoes.

Shoes make me feel off balance. To be clear, I have very little physical balance since my life-saving radiation. When I am in a clear-headed mood, it seems a fair trade to me. When I am at a mall, staring at shoes on display, it doesn’t seem fair at all.

It does not escape me that I save a lot of money on shoes. I especially miss them in springtime, popping on a printed pair of espadrilles that my mom so loathed was an annual rite of spring. Shoes can make one feel complete, top off an outfit, “make the man.” If you’ve been taking yours for granted, stop for a second and be thankful for them!


The other post that got my attention was essentially a lamentation that there are not a lot of options for lesbians at church. I miss church sometimes, but not enough to actually attend. While I am not a lesbian, I feel empathy for the unchurched, myself included, over this issue. Does the Lord care about lesbians?

Sorry to take so long to get to my point: Romans 3:23 says “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” The world won’t know Him if we don’t open our hearts and our churches. To exclude groups of people who don’t match your idea/interpretation/beliefs seems dangerous to me. If you believe in salvation, even in the very broadest sense, why would you place limits, to an unbelieving world, on opportunities to hear the word of God?

It’s Easter time. One of the church’s busiest days, you might find yourself with a hankering to visit a service. Don’t stay home because you haven’t got the right shoes. Don’t stay home because of your same-sex partner, because if you go, your very presence is bound to make church a more welcoming place.

When I dug out this photo, I was surprised the artwork was not how I had remembered it!

Happy Anniversary Honey-33 Years!